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Isagenix is truly on track to be a billion $ company. This is a company and management team that has truly done business right in every aspect. I’m amazed every day with the products and the science behind the products which equates to incredible RESULTS for everyone using them. And, I’m amazed at the excellent culture – everyone helps each other without the back-biting and hyper-competitive posturing that sometimes happens with other companies. Everyone, and I mean EVERY One is positive, positive, positive!TimDarnell 01.09.14b

I’m also blessed to have many, many excellent contacts and the opportunity to meet new people every day. Ironically, there are many people coming into my business as the result of some of the notoriety received from negative postings. People are smart enough to know that anyone targeted by negative comments is likely doing great things or they wouldn’t be receiving the attention. And so, I’ve grown to appreciate the positive and negative posts alike. Funny how things work out for the good, right? (See Genesis 50: 20-21)

Building big in 2014 and targeting top Network Marketers all across the world!

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10 Secrets for Network Marketing Success

For those who could benefit by making $250.00 per week (or more certainly).

After 3 decades of involvement in Network Marketing, I feel compelled to “give back” in the form of free, simple training that anyone can use to create substantial part-time, or eventually full-time income.  The Network Marketing Industry is alive and well – great products, great income opportunities!

This training is absolutely free and I hope it helps you tremendously!

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Tim Darnell Training Series

I’ve been wanting to put together a concise, poignant training series for those of you wanting to build a network marketing distributorship that provides dependable residual income.  I’ve learned a whole lot over the last years both from experience and also working with some of the very top money earners in the industry.

So, stay tuned, and I’ll let you know when the series is ready.  Oh, by the way, it’s free.

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Tim Darnell SEO – What About ‘Purchased Views?’

SEO, search engine optimization, is the art of staying on top of what Google likes in its ranking process.  Everybody knows that the higher your website appears in keyword SERP’s (search engine results pages), the more traffic you will experience.  If you are wanting to monetize your website as an Affiliate, Business Owner, or Internet Marketer, the art of SEO is worthy of ongoing attention, in fact it is essential.

We have collaborated with others who engage in the SEO game on a regular basis, and we are constantly sharing each others’ findings.  Here’s one aspect of this process that you may be wondering about – I was, so I decided to conduct an experiment.

Recently, several Internet Services/sites have been advertising their ability to get your video an amazing number of views at reasonable prices.  Sounded like a good idea, if it was true.  So, I experimented with their service with one of my own videos, and sure enough, the views were delivered in a timely fashion.  In fact, we received more than the contract promised – over 25,000 views!  So far, so good.

But I was still pretty skeptical.  I couldn’t find other articles on the subject, and I was concerned as to whether the method would be considered “white hat” or “black hat.”

My questions were:

1. Would the views increase Google ranking, and/or 2.  Would Google penalize the video SERP ranking for utilizing this method?

So, here’s what I did as an experiment.  I had recently recorded two separate videos that were on the same subject called, “Worst Day” Strategy, Part 1, and “Worst Day” Strategy Part 2.  I purchased the “View” service for Part 1, but not for Part 2.  After three weeks, Part 2, with only 13 views (on  the same channel) as Part 1, which now had an impressive 25,000 plus views, RANKED a PAGE HIGHER!!!

Also, Google posted a small blurb on the Part 1 video that had the high number views.  It rather cryptically said, “We’re changing our privacy policy. This stuff matters. Learn more Dismiss. Close”

What does that mean?  I’m  not sure, but I suspect it has to do with the disparity of views which was made even more apparent due to the fact that the videos shared the same title, with the only difference being, “Part 1”, and “Part 2.”

The number of views remains on the descriptor, but Google ranking was not enhanced at all.  It may have actually been hampered by this method.

So, I hope I’ve saved you some time and a few dollars, especially if you’ve considered offering this service to Clients.  Unless the “View” report that shows up on YouTube videos is important, you’ll not be doing that video’s Google ranking any favors.  In fact, it might actually be harming that ranking.

We’ll be sharing more findings as time goes on.  Everyday is a new day trying to decipher Google algorithms – and pretty much every day, that algorithm changes.

GOOD NEWS, although not new news: What does work is very simple – new, fresh, relevant content posted on a regular basis that relates and is pertinent to your site name, domain name, and tags.  So simple a process and idea, even you and I can do that!

Tim Darnell

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How honest would you like me to be?  I could say, “we might want to consider enhancing your online presence…,” or, “your site for some reason reminds me of 1995, and that was a good year in many ways…”  I might need to get your attention with something a little more to the point like, “YOUR MARKETING SUCKS!!!”  Sorry, to be offensive, but frankly, way too many businesses have marketing that doesn’t qualify for accolades of any sort.

Unless you have all the business you’ll ever need, if your marketing strategy is centered and confined to one site,  then you need to be awakened to the fact that your competitors probably have a significant edge on you.  They’re establishing Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and a host of others, gathering new friends and fans.  They’re establishing mobile marketing strategies and implementing multiple new ways to get their message out.  You must begin branching out if you want a better share of your potential market.

Back to the “one-site” approach.  One site may produce several positions in a Google search if it is comprised of multiple pages and/or posts, and we can quickly show you how to do that.  But you really need to consider doing a whole lot more than a “one-site” approach.

One concept we began implementing for clients several months ago is what I refer to as, “Dual Branding.”  That means more than just establishing another website.  It means thinking about how a lay-person (someone not a professional in your sector) might potentially travel to your site.  It might be that they are looking for a service provider in your geographical area, which, in fact, happens all the time. Simple keyword analysis will prove this point.  A little research will reveal solid numbers/metrics that don’t lie about how people are Googling to find your service.

Who owns the domain name that reflects those different approaches?  Probably none of your competitors own any domain names that contain specific, rich, relevant keywords that reflect your town, city, or county.  Those domain names are very likely not even taken yet.  You could own several killer domain-names – a second and even third brand that would establish you as king of your vertical in your region.   AND, those domain names could be on the front page of relevant keyword searches in very short order as long as you’re building the sites on Google-friendly platforms.

Ingenuity overcomes the stench of poor marketing.  Ingenuity will bring new traffic to your business.  The same worn-out, common approaches don’t help you stand out – they keep you buried in the mire of the “everybody else does it this way” crowd – crowded, indistinguishable, and completely lame.

Does your marketing smell?  Does it suck?  It doesn’t have to.

Have I mentioned, “Ingenuity?”  Can we dare to be creative?  Of course we can!  Dare to be different and you’ll open up your business, brand and location to all kinds of new customers and clients.

Tim Darnell – Founder

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Morning Strategic Thinking

Strategizing, scrutinizing, planning, weighing, knowing your numbers – crucial daily routines that direct the entrepreneur toward optimization.  Thinking should be second on our early-morning agenda, behind meditation, prayer, and Scripture reading.  Many people, including myself, are too quick to rush into the day’s activities without clearly defining exactly on what we should be focused, and exactly what it is we should accomplish.

Answer these questions and we can expect success.  Write the answers out on “Today’s Schedule.”

  1. What exactly is today’s goal?
  2. What are the essential steps I must take today to accomplish that goal?
  3. What is unnecessary to do today, and can I eliminate that activity totally or plan the day and hour that that activity will be take place?
  4. Who are my essential players that must be contacted today, and what is the desired outcome of that meeting/discussion?

Strategic thinking is too often replaced by leaping head-first into murky waters that pay no dividends.  Analyze where you are and where it is exactly that your business needs to go.  Eliminate unnecessary actions and take the least number of steps possible to accomplish the perfectly ‘right’ daily goal.

Don’t mistake movement for accomplishment.  Thinking first and pinpointing “the thing” to do will advance your cause much more rapidly than mounds of busy work!

contact: TimDarnellac@gmail.com

Own Your Territory!

Own Your Territory

You HAVE TO Own Your Space!  If you want to build an effective marketing presence, think in terms of both

Cathy & Tim Darnell

offense and defense.  When people look for you, they are going to rely primarily on Google search.  Thinking defensively means you’re not going to let uninvited comments show up on your first three pages of a Google search.  Your name, along with anybody else who has the same name must be protected from outsider junk bombs.

Your Google pages are yours.  You own them.  They are your turf just as much as your house is your home turf.  You must own those pages.  That control doesn’t happen by default.  It happens as a result of a concerted effort.  Ownership of your turf really is a serious marketing campaign, regardless of whether you are in business or not.

You’ve got to learn how to proactively take charge of the top three pages at least or you will get scored on in, potentially, a very distasteful way.  So, that’s “Defense.”

You must also play offense, meaning you want to get the most bang for your buck with those first three pages.  Again, this doesn’t happen by chance, and frankly requires a lot of planning and work.  There are simple ways to accomplish a powerful offense, and the pay-off can be beneficial as regards your business and/or personal goals.

So – don’t leave this concept to chance.  You must – OWN YOUR TERRITORY.  You not only can, you have to!

Tim Darnell


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