Own Your Territory!

Own Your Territory

You HAVE TO Own Your Space!  If you want to build an effective marketing presence, think in terms of both

Cathy & Tim Darnell

offense and defense.  When people look for you, they are going to rely primarily on Google search.  Thinking defensively means you’re not going to let uninvited comments show up on your first three pages of a Google search.  Your name, along with anybody else who has the same name must be protected from outsider junk bombs.

Your Google pages are yours.  You own them.  They are your turf just as much as your house is your home turf.  You must own those pages.  That control doesn’t happen by default.  It happens as a result of a concerted effort.  Ownership of your turf really is a serious marketing campaign, regardless of whether you are in business or not.

You’ve got to learn how to proactively take charge of the top three pages at least or you will get scored on in, potentially, a very distasteful way.  So, that’s “Defense.”

You must also play offense, meaning you want to get the most bang for your buck with those first three pages.  Again, this doesn’t happen by chance, and frankly requires a lot of planning and work.  There are simple ways to accomplish a powerful offense, and the pay-off can be beneficial as regards your business and/or personal goals.

So – don’t leave this concept to chance.  You must – OWN YOUR TERRITORY.  You not only can, you have to!

Tim Darnell


Portfolio Marketing Group, LLC



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