Morning Strategic Thinking

Strategizing, scrutinizing, planning, weighing, knowing your numbers – crucial daily routines that direct the entrepreneur toward optimization.  Thinking should be second on our early-morning agenda, behind meditation, prayer, and Scripture reading.  Many people, including myself, are too quick to rush into the day’s activities without clearly defining exactly on what we should be focused, and exactly what it is we should accomplish.

Answer these questions and we can expect success.  Write the answers out on “Today’s Schedule.”

  1. What exactly is today’s goal?
  2. What are the essential steps I must take today to accomplish that goal?
  3. What is unnecessary to do today, and can I eliminate that activity totally or plan the day and hour that that activity will be take place?
  4. Who are my essential players that must be contacted today, and what is the desired outcome of that meeting/discussion?

Strategic thinking is too often replaced by leaping head-first into murky waters that pay no dividends.  Analyze where you are and where it is exactly that your business needs to go.  Eliminate unnecessary actions and take the least number of steps possible to accomplish the perfectly ‘right’ daily goal.

Don’t mistake movement for accomplishment.  Thinking first and pinpointing “the thing” to do will advance your cause much more rapidly than mounds of busy work!



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