How honest would you like me to be?  I could say, “we might want to consider enhancing your online presence…,” or, “your site for some reason reminds me of 1995, and that was a good year in many ways…”  I might need to get your attention with something a little more to the point like, “YOUR MARKETING SUCKS!!!”  Sorry, to be offensive, but frankly, way too many businesses have marketing that doesn’t qualify for accolades of any sort.

Unless you have all the business you’ll ever need, if your marketing strategy is centered and confined to one site,  then you need to be awakened to the fact that your competitors probably have a significant edge on you.  They’re establishing Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and a host of others, gathering new friends and fans.  They’re establishing mobile marketing strategies and implementing multiple new ways to get their message out.  You must begin branching out if you want a better share of your potential market.

Back to the “one-site” approach.  One site may produce several positions in a Google search if it is comprised of multiple pages and/or posts, and we can quickly show you how to do that.  But you really need to consider doing a whole lot more than a “one-site” approach.

One concept we began implementing for clients several months ago is what I refer to as, “Dual Branding.”  That means more than just establishing another website.  It means thinking about how a lay-person (someone not a professional in your sector) might potentially travel to your site.  It might be that they are looking for a service provider in your geographical area, which, in fact, happens all the time. Simple keyword analysis will prove this point.  A little research will reveal solid numbers/metrics that don’t lie about how people are Googling to find your service.

Who owns the domain name that reflects those different approaches?  Probably none of your competitors own any domain names that contain specific, rich, relevant keywords that reflect your town, city, or county.  Those domain names are very likely not even taken yet.  You could own several killer domain-names – a second and even third brand that would establish you as king of your vertical in your region.   AND, those domain names could be on the front page of relevant keyword searches in very short order as long as you’re building the sites on Google-friendly platforms.

Ingenuity overcomes the stench of poor marketing.  Ingenuity will bring new traffic to your business.  The same worn-out, common approaches don’t help you stand out – they keep you buried in the mire of the “everybody else does it this way” crowd – crowded, indistinguishable, and completely lame.

Does your marketing smell?  Does it suck?  It doesn’t have to.

Have I mentioned, “Ingenuity?”  Can we dare to be creative?  Of course we can!  Dare to be different and you’ll open up your business, brand and location to all kinds of new customers and clients.

Tim Darnell – Founder

Portfolio Marketing Group, LLC

“Ingenuity in the Marketplace since 1998”



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