Tim Darnell – Isagenix

Isagenix is truly on track to be a billion $ company. This is a company and management team that has truly done business right in every aspect. I’m amazed every day with the products and the science behind the products which equates to incredible RESULTS for everyone using them. And, I’m amazed at the excellent culture – everyone helps each other without the back-biting and hyper-competitive posturing that sometimes happens with other companies. Everyone, and I mean EVERY One is positive, positive, positive!TimDarnell 01.09.14b

I’m also blessed to have many, many excellent contacts and the opportunity to meet new people every day. Ironically, there are many people coming into my business as the result of some of the notoriety received from negative postings. People are smart enough to know that anyone targeted by negative comments is likely doing great things or they wouldn’t be receiving the attention. And so, I’ve grown to appreciate the positive and negative posts alike. Funny how things work out for the good, right? (See Genesis 50: 20-21)

Building big in 2014 and targeting top Network Marketers all across the world!

Tim Darnell


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