Basic Economic Premise

It’s been said that those who don’t know and/or value history are doomed to repeat history’s greatest mistakes. We’re living in a time when far too many individuals don’t know their history, much less history’s valuable lessons. Many cannot even answer a very simple question such as, “Why do we celebrate July 4th?” Think they might have trouble enunciating basic principles of freedom and liberty?  Think they might not have a clue as to what the economy needs to climb its way out of this current, and possibly long-term mess?

While the current administration believes that the way to solve the recession is to borrow billions and even trillions of dollars and throw them at projects they deem worthy, author and expert Constitutional Attorney Mark Levin states a very clear solution to our economic disaster.

“Of course, the best way to stimulate the economy would be for the federal government to slash capital gains taxes, corporate income taxes, and individual income tax rates, thereby increasing liquidity to individuals and businesses to make decisions about their own economic circumstances. Since most people don’t hide their cash in cigar boxes, the additional money would either be spent or invested. The more favorable investment environment would also attract the flow of foreign investment into American markets from countries that tax their citizens and businesses at higher rates. Furthermore, the stock market would react favorably to market-oriented spending and savings and it would benefit directly from increased equity purchases resulting from increased investor confidence.” p 90, “Liberty and Tyranny”

The answer to our national dilemma is called the “Free Market.” If we strangle individuals, businesses and commerce with taxes and excess regulations in the name of compassion or climate related, green, and environmental projects, as worthy as those so-called motives seem to be, we’re strangling our very lives and usurping the capitalistic model that allows a society to thrive. More accurately, those “worthy motives” are no more than smoke-screens for power grabs and redistribution of wealth for political favors.

History shows us vividly that the socialistic model does not work. It is simply unsustainable.  The answer is to allow the free market to work.   Quit demonizing “business.” Competition is a powerful inducement to keep prices down and quality up. When entrepreneurs are motivated to move forward, we all win.

Tim Darnell