Footsteps #252 – “First Activity”

Footsteps of Faith Messenger #252
“First Activity”
 Proverbs 3:9
Tim Darnell
When you wake up each morning, (aside from bathroom duties, coffee or tea), what is your very First Activity?  You already know that God wants our first-fruits, the best of everything we have.  After all, everything is His gracious gift to us anyway!  So, would it not make sense that the First Activity in which we choose to engage each day would fall into that same category?
Question: Is the First Activity you are engaged in each day glorifying to God?
Let me encourage you, starting today, to make your First Activity be that of getting into God’s Word – reading at least one chapter of God’s word, followed by prayer.
Rather than mindlessly turning on the radio or the television, opening up a newspaper, or straightening the house, God deserves your first activity – because He should be and deserves to be, FIRST in our lives.
The benefit to you will be immediate!  Over time the benefit will be cumulative.  You will be refreshed and renewed; and you will draw closer to your Creator.  Your day will begin on the most positive note possible.  And, you will give yourself a profound lift in place of the the distractions and void of anything else.
Giving God your time, specifically the First Activity each and every day may seem like a small and insignificant choice.  But you will find that this effort will result in much, much more.  Being uplifted by God’s Word – His powerful Word that created you and me, and sustains us daily, is an activity that will soon become a great habit, one that will make you stronger in no time!
My 12 year old son, Caleb, has gotten into this habit, and it is amazing to see his growth.  He “gets” it!  So, regardless of your age, or how busy you think you are, nothing can take the place of God’s Word in your life each day, and specifically, as your First Activity.
Purposely wake up a few moments earlier and consciously choose to read the magnificent Word of God Himself!
I challenge you to begin doing this immediately.  You will be amazed…
God bless you richly,
Tim Darnell

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