Use a Professional to Shoe Your Horse

Why Use a Professional?

I highly value my CPA for his incredible expertise regarding the voluminous tax code.  It would take years of

Tim Darnell

intense study for you or me to come anywhere close to his depth of professional knowledge.

I highly value my Attorneys for their knowledge of laws regarding business and civil “do’s and dont’s”.  Mastering State laws alone requires endless hours of study and involvement – time that I simply don’t have.

I highly value my Pastor for his command of scripture and how it applies to our lives.   I value the plumber, painter, automobile repairman, and satellite installation professional (to name a few) who perform tasks I would easily botch if I were to attempt them on my own.


Too many people rely on their own thinking regarding their financial situation – their money, investments, retirement, and life insurance.  After all, it is their money!  While I encourage reading to better understand money in all of its many applications, Financial Professionals spend many years of their life learning the in’s and out’s of this deep and often elusive field of knowledge.

In my experience as a Financial Professional, I’ve found that few people grasp even the basics, which is totally understandable.  Very little financial training takes place in public education.  I was once a person who was utterly baffled by the vast array of options, financial products, markets, tax issues, and retirement possibilities.  I didn’t know the difference in a “qualified fund” and a “non-qualified fund.”  The related concept of ‘Before tax dollars’, and ‘after tax dollars’ was vague for me at best.

So, when I made the choice to become a Financial Professional, I chose to approach the field objectively.  I chose to not be attached to any one financial philosophy or any one company.  I knew I did not want to be a “Captive Agent” of a particular company where my ability to offer the best solutions and advise to my clients might be hampered or limited.

The bottom line is that I became aware of hundreds of financial facts and fictions about which the general public is not aware.  I don’t profess to know it all and I’m still learning – just this week, I attended seven hours of training.  Last week included approximately 18 hours of intense, detailed training – this after many years of past, highly important training…  Thirty minutes from now I will attend another two hour, powerful session revealing case study after case study of financial decisions and maneuvers that worked extremely well, including some that failed miserably.

So, my advice is to use a Professional when it comes to your finances.  That decision will make a significant difference for your financial picture now and in the future – for your retirement and your children’s financial condition as well!

Don’t use me to shoe your horse or repair your car, and don’t use your farrier, car repairman or brother-in-law to give you financial advice.  Use a dedicated professional to do their job in their respective areas of expertise.  They’ll benefit you much more than if you try to do it yourself.

Tim Darnell

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